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Issue #15

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July 8, 2017


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NCAA Track and Field Championships

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Contributing Photographers

Patrick Holleran

Kim Spir

Phil Johnson

Randy Miyazaki

Becky Miller

Steve Klotz

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NCAA Champions Stanford’s Grant Fisher was the winner of the 5000 (l). As expected, Christian Coleman was the winner of both the 100 meter (above) and the 200. Houston won the 4 x 100 meter relay (r), as  first leg John Lewis III is shown handing to Mario Burke

Photos by Patrick Holleran (l and r) and Kim Spir (c)

Distance Winners Charlotte Taylor became San Francisco’s first ever NCAA champion in the 10000. Karissa Schweizer followed up her NCAA Cross-Country title with a 5000 meter win. Marc Scott won the men’s 10000.

Photos by Patrick Holleran

Jumpers Georgia’s Madeline Fagan was the winner of the high jump in front of teammate Tatiana Gusin. Matthew Ludwig upheld Akron’s excellent tradition in the pole vault with a victory in the event


Photos by Patrick Holleran (l) and Phil Johnson (r)

Other Champions Oregon’s Raevyn Rogers (l) won the 800 for the 3rd straight year, while Tobi Amusan (r) won the 100 meter hurdles.



Photos by

Patrick Holleran

Distance Champions New Mexico’s Josh Kerr (l) won the 1500 and Edwin Kibichiy (r) of Louisville was the steeplechase champion.


Photos by

Patrick Holleran